Sunday, November 14, 2010

Calendar Comments and Help


If you can not see a calendar then click to use the school link to the calendars. Some browsers may not display the calendar while it is embedded in this site.

Use the Built-in Google Tools:
  • To Print
    Click on the Print icon near the center top of the calendar.
  • To Change the Display
    Click to see day, week, month or agenda view. Agenda view is a list of events arranged by day and time.
  • To Subscribe to a Calendar
    Click on the Google logo that appears at the bottom right of the calendar. Then you will be able to subscribe to the calendar – then you will be able to see all the school events when you look at your own personal Google calendar.
Color Coding:
The Parent Associations use this color coding for the displays of events on their calendars:
HTH – red, HTHI – green, HTHMA – purple, HTM – orange, HTMMA -blue.

Why these colors? The colors show the order the schools were opened. We didn’t use yellow as that’s difficult to read.  HTH, HTM, HTHI, HTMMA, HTHMA

HTH/HTHI/HTM Food Sales – beige – just because it seemed like a good color for food sales!